Experience Augmented Learning

Imagine everything that you need is on your fingertips as if you have your own smart assistant who takes care everything you need to know now and in long run, charting a plan with you for your success.

Gamified and Micro Learning

Create and consume bursts of highly engaging content that builds a new skill or reinforces an existing skill.

Adaptive Learning and Testing

i. Create and get recommended personalized learning playlists. ii. Norm Content.

Learning Analytics and Content Insights

i. Learning Analytics: Measure growth and mastery ii. Content Insights: Get to know how things are working in your organization. Discover how learning is happening and what content is in demand.

Mindfulness and EQ

Focus on mindfulness and behavioral skills while applying what you have learned.

Smart Assistance and Knowledge Discovery

i. Smart Assistant: An assistant in your journey of growth can make learning more fun and interactive. ii. Knowledge Discovery: Create, share, discover and consume knowledge in your organization.

Mobile and Tablet Solution

Benefits of Augmented Learning

Make your organization smart.
Democratize knowledge which is hidden in different silos.
Create highly engaging game based content.
Create personalized courses either instructor driven or self-learning courses.
Deliver in mobile and web devices easily.
Get insights into how learning is happening in your organization.
Get benefits of mindfulness and behavior skills.
Improve your content through our content insights.
“In the age of automation, Intellijiv’s assistive humanistic intelligence can help organizations become smarter and agile.”