Content Creation - Use the Publisher platform to create content and build a repository of learning objects.

Intellijiv Growth - Intellijiv Growth is psychometric powered adaptive test which measures the longitudinal academic progress of a student in Maths, Science and English across grades, and provides valuable feedback about where to focus. It is personalized as the test adjusts according to the performance of a student. It tells about student’s level of proficiency across various grade levels.

Intellijiv Mastery - Intellijiv Mastery is a personalized learning tool, that creates optimized learning lists from Intellijiv Growth and Score tests. It focuses on individual's competency in a skill or learning objective in Maths, Science and English area, and gives the student good practice to strengthen their fundamentals that helps student's to solve problems of the skill which earlier they were unable to. It works like a powerful personalized DPP (Daily Practice Problems) tool.

Intellijiv Score - Intellijiv Score is all about scoring more in exams. It examines conceptual weakness, knowledge in important areas, strategic planning and time management in exams to recommend learning areas to focus upon and learning strategies to use. It is a master tool in the hands of Maths, Science and English educators and student's to do clear analysis of student behaviour and help student's greatly improve their ranks in exam.

Digital Content - Content comprising of complete courses and modules, textbooks, syllabus, video and audio, quizzes, and other types of learning materials.

Micro Learning - Short engagements in learning related activities of content practice, assessment, diagnosis, review, improvement and growth.

Store - Subscribe Coaching Institute's micro learning, adaptive, assessment and digital content using Store to student's.

Content Insights - Discover if your content is adequate, what is working in your organization and what needs improvement.

Learn / Teach Apps - Create and consume content using Learn / Teach application, view assignments, schedule micro learning, schedule assessments, import content, track student progress with comprehensive reporting.

Custom Content - Allow Teacher to create custom micro learning contents with ease and add it to various tracks defined for student's.

Content Import - Import functionality to push existing Coaching Institute's learning courses to the new platform.

Campaigns - Creation of multi-track campaigns by selecting micro learning, adaptive and assessment courses to assign to a group of student's.

Track Progress - Identify student's self-development needs, monitor progress and measure improvement.

KPI Reports - Reporting system to provide key performance indicators on student's achievement and next step recommendations.

Badges and Leaderboard - Associate badges with learning objectives, assign badges on course completion, show leaderboard with indicators.

Learning Analytics - Get learning insights through psychometrics reporting.

“Every time there's a new tool, whether it's Internet or cell phones or anything else, all these things can be used for good or evil. Technology is neutral; it depends on how it's used.”


Intellijiv Core
Intellijiv Core offers learning management system, parent teacher collaboration, personalized learning and micro learning solutions.
Create and Manage Courses
Create and Consume Micro Learning content
Create and Consume Formative and Summative Assessments
Subscribe Digital content through marketplace from your partners
Subscribe Adaptive Learning through Marketplace from your partners
Monetize / Share your assesssment and micro learning content with Partners
Smart Assistant

Intelljiv Plus
Intellijiv Plus offers learning management system, parent teacher collaboration, personalized learning, micro learning, market place and publishing solutions.
Create and Manage Courses
Create and Publish Micro Learning content
Create and Consume Formative and Summative Assessments
Create Digital content
Create Adaptive Learning content
Monetize / Share your and Partner content through Market Place
Content Insights
Smart Assistant

Intellijiv Habitat
Intellijiv Habitat offers store, publishing solutions and learning tools interoperability to plug-in your content into existing learning management system.
Create and Publish Micro Learning content
Create Formative and Summative Assessments
Create Diagnostic Assessments
Create Digital content
Create Adaptive Learning content
Content Insights
Learning Analytics
Sell your content through Store
Consume content through LTI in your LMS


  • Content organizations can create variety of educational contents like adaptive learning, digital content, assessments and micro learning

  • Subject Matter Experts (SME's) contributing quality content to the repository

  • Digitize all types of content

  • Store and subscription model to sell content

  • Use the experience of Teacher's to build custom content and share across organization

  • Apps (Mobile / Desktop) for easy content scheduing and delivery

  • Bring equity in learning by managing Distance Learning Programme (DLP) more efficiently

  • Schedule Crash Courses programme conveniently

  • Cost effective access to educational content across different coaching subsidiaries

  • Flexibility in defining learning tracks for micro learning, adaptive, assessment contents

  • Create personalized learning playlists

  • Content can be aligned to standards

  • Highly scalable microservice architecture